Monday, August 10, 2015

Music Monday | Top 5 Fav

Good Morning!

Today I am sharing a few of my favorites as of the past week. It's a mixture of all genres and I encourage you to comment a few of your favorites below :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

OOTD | Coral & Florals

Hello loves,
I know its been years since I've done a OOTD, so I had to take the time to get some pics of my look for church this morning. For my outfit I decided to go with something very light and dressy since I always wear black and something so boring and simple to church.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lifestyle | Overview of August Goals

           Hello beautiful people,
I always like to show you all my goals for the month. These are personal goals and so far I have been on track! Here are my goals for the month...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Lifestyle | Currently Craving

                                                                                                                                                      Hey loves!
Here's what I am currently...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Product Review | JORD Wood Watch

Hello Loves,
Today I am sharing my new favorite item with you. As many of you know I am partaking in a minimalism lifestyle now and a more healthier approach to everything I own. So a few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review a JORD Watch. It's so funny because I was just looking for a simple watch online to buy and their email popped up, lol. Truth be told I own only one watch and have my whole life. I actually never been into wearing watches but I've always wanted to. My phone isn't always with me anymore and a clock isn't everywhere we go nowadays. But I am so happy this watch came into my life, lol. It's gonna be so handy for going into senior year. Keeping track of time is a must in high school, or school in general and sometimes there's never a clock around. I was very excited to review this watch, so let's get into it!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Product Review | Firmoo Glasses

Hello loves,
If you have been following me for a while, you probably know I wear glasses. During my freshman year of high school, my vision took a turn for the worst. It started off with my reading then when I could barely see the board sometimes. Since then, I have been wearing glasses occasionally because (Thank God) my vision actually has gotten better. I don't know how but I don't necessarily have to wear glasses everyday now nor contacts. I have only owned two pairs of prescription glasses ever ( one in middle school and freshman year) mostly because I am very very very picky. I make sure the glasses are very versatile meaning they can go with any look I am trying that day. I literally spend hours at eye glasses places finding glasses so that's why I've stuck with just 2 perfect ones my entire life. But when Firmoo reached out to me, which was perfect timing because I needed to update my prescription, I was more than pleased to check out their site.

Minimalism Monday | How to Start

Happy Minimalism Monday!
Today I am discussing a few tips on how to exactly start. You love you thought of minimalism but what actually goes into this to make it a lifestyle? Well let's start with YOU. Ask yourself what do you want first. Why are trying minimalism as your new lifestyle? Financial reasons? Moving and what to save room? Or what to simply declutter your life? Figure out what exactly you are going for and write it down. Once you write it down put it somewhere you'll be able to see it everyday. This will help you keep the end goal in mind once your throwing away those same 3 pairs of sunglasses with different colors. I won't lie, giving away/throwing out the things I rarely touched seemed so hard. But with keeping the end in mind I have so much more space!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lifestyle | My Journey to Minimalism

Less truly does equal more. 

Hello Loves,

today on the bloggie I am gonna talk about this idea of Minimalism and my journey so far. A few days ago I stumbled upon a blog called The Minimalists and it was actually by complete accident. I was looking for ways to declutter my closet and it was the first site to pop up. I honestly think that that was a sign from God, because I have found becoming a minimalist is the best way to declutter anything and everything in your life overall. But anyway back to the story... so I scrolled throughout the blog and decided to Google more on this ' Minimalism Life' and came across Zen Habits and that's how it started. My life has always been very busy and I am getting very drained by it all. I feel as I am now making my transition into senior year then college, this will help me keep in mind what's actually important. Plus, I know in college everything is gonna seem expensive and I want only things that I need in my dorm, closet and life.

Now like it says on the Zen Habits blog, " There's no one right way", and I completely agree with it. Everyone downsizes differently and what may be less to me isn't exactly less to you. I officially started my journey June 26th but I want to officially officially start today, July 1st because I didn't fully understand and didn't really see it as a lifestyle then. I just threw out and gave away a lot of clothes from my closet. Making this a lifestyle FOR ME means decluttering everything. My hair regime will be simple, my food that I intake daily, my fitness, my clothes and my room (because my mom will kill me if I took the rest of the house, lol).

So I am starting a Minimalism Monday here on the blog. Every other Monday I will create a new post on some tips to help you if your interested or it will simply be an update on my journey.

So far I decluttered my closet, room and bathroom. I went through EVERYTHING, bookshelves, drawers, my jewelry box... literally everything you can think of, it's been touched. My room doesn't look empty but it's definitely not as pretty. My mom is gonna take me room shopping in a few days just because it's long overdue for a room update and my new theme will be green, white and dark brown. I really want that nature feel. Now I know you guys, "Your suppose to have less Brie, why are about go shopping???", well I really want a simple pretty look in my room and I've been wanting to have that theme for a while.

Next thing I am decluttering is my hair products and evaluating my food. Next week I will update you all on that.

I really do encourage you all to check out the sites above and and search Minimalism on YouTube!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Journal | Let's Talk About My Country

Ok honestly way too much is happening is America for me not to talk on it. I am Black. America is making it so hard for me not to be scared of police. I just don't know what to say with everything that's going on with the shootings at the church in Charleston and the cop beating the girl at the party. It seems like something happens every month and irritated, upset and exhausted aren't even the words to describe this whole thing. I get so frustrated when people call out All Lives Matter. Yes of course all live matter but are all lives protected? Do you see all lives getting help from the police? Yes. But what about Blacks? Not at all. America has treated people of color with disrespect and hatred for the longest and we never fight back. We pray and protest with marches and it hasn't really gotten us anywhere. I'm not saying we should all become Black Panthers and fight physically but what else will get through the medias and the police head that Black people are just as humans and have just as much of a right to get treated with respect. Rest in peace to all the Black boys and girls, men and women who lives have been taken because of the shade of their skin. My heart is still so heavy from everything that's been going on, but recently the Charleston shooting. My frustration builds as I watch the news and scroll through Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all posting about it. I want to say thank you for the ones speaking out and trying to help change this world. To everyone not of color helping, thank you. There is nothing wrong with speaking up and trying to help make peace with all races. The only wrong thing right now is turning your head from what is being shown at every corner.

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